Sunday, 19 June 2011

That way I have Been Chosen

In my mind, I always need make a choice.
All the time, I make the choice in my study ways or what I need after the exam.
Now, I also need make the same choice in my life again.
Why I always need to make the choice.
If  I no need to make any choice, how my life becomes in the future.
Sometimes I will if just follow all thing that my family members arrange,
How about my feeling.
Now the choice come again.
What that I need to chosen again in my life.
The ways I need to choice in my truth of God.
How to choice???
In Christian, there was only have One God that believe.
So the God in my heart is The Lord and the Holy Spirits.
Now I just how about the Lord need me to do and what things I need to do in the future again.
He will always arrange all the for me and the ways that I need to pass just I his plan.
There is I need to truth in God, He can make me be peace always.
Mind will be clear in the study, 
The Holy Spirits will also beside of me.
The Angle of God set on my side to help me all the time.
The Heart of Worship will come back again.
The place to worship of will beside of me now..
Any place will be place for worship of The Lord and the prayer, He will hear.
The Way I Been Chosen  Is Truth In Him, the Holy God.

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