Saturday, 19 June 2010

Teens Trip at Taman Pertanian in area Shah Alam

Today I had a trip with my church members
This trip is quiet fun..
We walk along the park..
All of us just get togather at the church..
Today I had sleep late..
So that all of us had the breakfast at yje mama stall..
After that we start the journey..
We had loss in the journey..
Because we can no find the actual palce..
Afetr that we also can get to the right palce..

When we arrive the place...
But there is a lot of people at there..
We wanted to lend the bicycle to cycle along the park...
But we can not make it because there is no enough the bicycle for all of us...
So we make the decision walk to the area we need to visited..
In the journey,we had visited the taman haiwan and taman burung..
we had see a lot of type birds in the taman burung..
Than we went to the four season house..
In the four season house noe is summer,but there have the air-cond..
We went into there because along the journey we feel so hot..
so that we went inside the four season house..
Inside there is beautiful..
there have a lot of flover there..
beatiful in the season house...
After that we continue our journey..

In the afternoon,we had our lunch at KFC..
but my two brothers had lunch at Pizza Hut.
After the lunch,we had go back home..
This is the tried day for me..
but it is fun..

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